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What exactly is a “Tour of Honor”?

It is truly a day like no other.  It’s all about the Veteran.  We tour many of the memorials in Washington, D.C.  There are many Americans who will stop and thank you for your service.  It is a day of remembrance, reconciliation and honor.  It’s like getting a hug from America.  We do this to give our Veterans the opportunity to see the memorials dedicated to their service and sacrifices.  It may have taken America over 60 years to construct the WW II Memorial, but we feel it’s about time these Greatest Generation heroes got to see it.


Can my spouse go with me?

Unfortunately, no.  This day is for our Veterans and we look to the next generation family members, and beyond, to consider sharing this significant day.  The only spouses who may be permitted to go are those who are veterans themselves.


I am the widow of a World War II veteran. Can I go?

Again, unfortunately no.  We simply do not have the resources, funding, or seating available to transport all the World War II veterans who are presently on our waiting list.   Adding spouses and widows simply isn’t an option for our program.


Can my son, daughter, grandson, etc. go as a Guardian? 

Yes, but the family member must have submitted their Guardian Application at the same time that the Veteran’s application was submitted.  The family member must be physically capable of handling the duties of a Honor Flight guardian.  Our TOP priority is the safe travel of ALL the veterans.  Guardians may be responsible for some lifting, pushing wheelchairs, handing out meals and water, and administering medication. To download a guardian application, click on our HOME page.


How do you decide which veterans get to go? 

Once our Hub receives a Veteran’s application, it is time-stamped, and categorized according to war era.  Then the application is placed, in order received, on our waiting list.  It is running approximately one year from the time we receive the application, until a seat is available.  (This wait time pertains to our WW II Veterans, who are our top priority.)  We are also accepting applications from Korean Veterans and we can accept applications from any Terminally Ill Veteran from any era. 


How much does it cost? How much money do I need to bring? 

The cost is FREE for our Veteran flyers.  You do not need to bring any money, unless you intend to purchase souvenirs.  Guardians pay their own way which currently is $500.


What does a Guardian do?

Guardians escort our Veterans.  Our ratio is one Guardian per Veteran to insure that they are properly cared for comfortably and safely.  Guardians must meet criteria, go through training and have the biggest responsibility for the trip:  the care and safety of our American heroes.  Guardians pay their own way for this honor and Guardians who have flown with us, often ask to be considered again.  It is a privilege for them and a day they will long remember.


What does the guardian fee include? 

Guardians are provided the same basic amenities as our Veterans including airfare to and from Washington, DC, as well as meals and transportation to and from the airport and memorials.  You should only need money for souvenirs while on the trip.  But we do ask you to bring a few dollars in case you'd like to treat your Veteran to an ice cream!


Can I make a donation to Mid-Michigan Honor Flight? 

Mid-Michigan Honor Flight gratefully accepts donations from anyone EXCEPT our Veterans who will be flying with us. 


How are you funded? 

 Our funding comes primarily from individuals across the state who recognize the great accomplishments and sacrifices of veterans and want them to see their memorial before it’s too late.  We are not funded, in any way, by the government.  We have had and continue to have interest from major corporations and businesses, Veteran organizations and others, schools and private sector.  Please see our Sponsor Page for a list of contributors.  It will be updated regularly.


What if the veteran is in a wheelchair or on oxygen? 

For questions regarding wheelchairs and/or oxygen - please contact Allen Sutherby, Medical Director at


Are terminally ill World War II veterans given any special priority? 

YES! Such veterans go to the top of the list for the next available seat on the next available flight if they meet our critieria, and get their doctor’s approval.  We are limited on the capacity to medically care for our flyers.  We are not a flying hospital.  So, each terminally ill Veteran is considered on a ‘case-by-case’ basis and reviewed by our Medical Review Board to insure that we can adequately care for their medical needs.


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