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Mail Call:  We include letters for each flyer, from Americans who want to thank them for their service. 

Details:  Letters, cards and drawings are encouraged.  Use index cards or even blank notecards.  Must be no larger than 8 ½” x 11”, no glitter, and please no two-dimensional artwork (macaroni glued on paper).  Be creative, speak from your heart.  We also send packets of letters to Veterans  that cannot fly with us.  They need to be thanked too.

Mail them to:  Mid-Michigan Honor Flight, PO Box 385, Mecosta, MI  49332.

email your questions to us at:



Send Off at Airport:  Bring your class in the morning to the airport to meet our flyers and wish them a safe trip.  You can be part of the flag line, that lines both sides of the airport concourse.  Let us know you will be participating. 

email us at:



Welcome Home at the Airport:  Be there among the crowd of people welcoming our heroes back from their flight.  Great way for the community to be involved.  Let us know your group will be participating. 

email us at:



Fundraising:  It costs $500 for a Veteran to go on an Honor Flight.  Schools, organizations, are encouraged and will be assisted, with fundraising ideas to help us fund our flights. 

email us with your ideas at:




There are many opportunities for you to donate your time.  Some of them include:  registration at our staging site; greeters at dinner;  in the morning  of the flight, at the airport; for the Welcome Home that evening; driving some of our Veterans from their homes to our staging site and back home again; assisting us at events during the year; helping us find Veterans and Guardians to apply.  (applications are on our website)

email us at: and tell us where you’d like to help.





There are a multitude of items that companies, groups and corporations can help us with financially, to insure that this day is truly an event to remember for our honorees.  Click here for our current list


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